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AGM Special Buy
Eaton 12v 5Ah with F2 1/4 inch terminals
This is a perfect battery for the ham radio operator for QRP use or other such project needing a battery this size.
They are 5 years old but have been maintenance charged and spec out right on target so we are not afraid to use them ourselves or sell them.  I feel confident of their service life ahead and would not sell them if I had any concern about them failing.  We got them cheap and are selling them cheap.  We started with 100 of them but have sold the first ones locally for critical evaluation by people who are not afraid to complain if there is a problem.  We think you will like them.
Kevin KA9TAX

New 2011 date
Sale price $6.00
while they last
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Charger for
Li-ion RCR123A Batteries

This charger will charge one or two
RCR-123A batteries.  Li-Ion
AC power only.
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New Special Buy AA
NiMH button top AA battery
2300mAh capacity
Excellent for scanners, two-way, toys, flashlights, etc, etc, etc.

$1.00  Add to Cart

While they last


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Fly Box Closeout
$5.00 each!!!

Same dimensions as Otter OC-1000 but is divided into 8 separate compartments.

CLEAR Polycarb
(specify color choice)

$5.00 each while they last
Part # OC-FLY
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S3 X-Treme 2500 CASE
Waterproof, crushproof and they float. Protect valuables from the elements. Crushproof to guard your: small digital cameras, sport sunglasses, cell phones, PDA's, Minidisk players
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$5.00 Each
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Otter 1000 Case
(old style made in CO)

Waterproof, crushproof and they float. Protect valuables from the elements. Great for water-tight storage of: Pager, Car Keys, Film & Batteries, Business / Credit Cards, small wallets and small cell phones

$5.00 Each
While they last!


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LED Flashlights  The most incredible flashlights!!!  No bulb to ever burn out again.


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