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64 ERS Hellfire Predator recon aircraft Hellfire squadron Hellfire drone Predator drone unmanned aircraft Hellfire Predator remote control plane

This page is dedicated to the men and women of the 46th ERS Hellfire Predator Squadron currently based in Iraq.

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This squadron of men and women have become family to us here at The Battery Station and to many members of the Candle Power Forum.  We hooked up with them by way of Bryan McFalls while he was in the process of trying to learn more about his new Streamlight flashlight.  This began with the offers of a few items from CPF members to be put in a small box of lights and batteries which we were sending over for Christmas 2003.  Well, the box turned into many boxes.   Donations poured in and others sent stuff directly to them.  It was and still is awesome.

I personally can't begin to tell you and them how proud I am to belong to such an unselfish group of people.  It does not sound like much, but flashlights and protective cases are what we sent over there.  High tech flashlights.   If you don't know what a real flashlight is, see the Pelican pages.  In any event, it was what we had here to send and reports say they have come in handy.  As troops rotate in and out of this small squadron, we continue to send over new lights, cases, and batteries.  We will see to it that these fine men and women of the US Armed Services have the absolute best lighting tools in the world.  They need it and they deserve it.

Regardless of your political stand on the action in Iraq, I encourage you to keep these fine people in your prayers and consider sending something over to them.  There are lots of troops in Iraq and we just happened to hook up with the Hellfire Squadron.   These people are the best and I am darn proud of them.  They are doing what they have to do.  If the only thing we have to offer is some of the worlds finest flashlights; then from us they will get flashlights.  What will they receive from you?   This is a bit of a soap box speech, but what a worthwhile cause to make one aspect of their lives a little better while they are over there.

We have boxes going that way every month now.  Please email if you would like to add anything at all to one of the boxes.  (nobody put me up to this from the squadron either, it is just a good thing to do for our troops)  Note: This three year mission has been concluded until we find a new need for the worlds finest flashlights in the hands of troops.

I would like to make an added special thanks to Pelican for the kind flashlight donation.

Greengoose Squadron
I am glad to see continuing support for the Hellfire Squadron Family based in Iraq.  Email me if you would like to add something to the next box.  Thanks to all you CPF Members.  I am so glad to have been a part of this!!!!!!!
Lets keep these troops equipped with the BEST lights in the world.

The squadron has been moved from Iraq so for the time being this four year mission of donations has come to an end.  But when we find a need we will fill it all over again.

Donations have now been received from the USA, UK, Australia, Taiwan, Germany, Canada, and Israel.  This "Operation Enlightenment" will continue as long as they need flashlights.


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Photo courtesty of Glen and Ken (Stainless)

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