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ebay unitop2014 lithium battery fire hazard unitop2014 lithium explosion ebay unitop2014 lithium battery fire hazard unitop2014 lithium explosion ebay unitop2014 lithium battery fire hazard unitop2014 lithium explosion ebay unitop2014 lithium battery fire hazard unitop2014 lithium explosion ebay unitop2014 lithium battery fire hazard unitop2014 lithium explosion ebay unitop2014 lithium battery fire hazard unitop2014 lithium explosion

Lithium Battery Explosion Warning Ebay seller unitop2014
(Other alias names below)

Extended 7800mAh Battery for Dell Inspiron 1440 1525 1526 1545 D608H GP952 GW240

On Saturday morning June 24, 2017 this battery purchased from Ebay user unitop2014 exploded on our friends bed.  Had he not thrown it in the front yard, it would have surely burned the house down.  It ruined the bed, bedspread, carpet, and of course the computer.  Upon contacting them I have been given an endless list of excuses but no remedy.  They have since ceased responding to my messages and blocked me from buying anything.  Gee I wonder why?

I have tracked them down to a California storefront shipping facility where they ship all their stuff from.  Upon contacting Ebay, I was told I could NOT have their California contact info due to PRIVACY policy.  (Ebay, this is criminal)  Someone could have been killed due to this poor quality, protection lacking, defective product.  Ebay should be flogged for this ludicrous policy.

Let this be a warning about an unfair playing field too.  I am forbidden from putting USA made quality lithium batteries on the very same planes that unitop2014 puts their fire hazardous lithium batteries on to ship.  FAA rules that apply to me should darn well apply to this Chinese seller/manufacturer too.

These issues are being addressed with the proper authorities.  It is my hope and goal to have this crap stopped at the border.  It will be a long battle.


On June 22, 2017 I contacted the seller/manufacturer unitop2014

This battery pack just exploded this morning at our customers house and almost burned the house down. He and the fire department kept this from happening, thank God. Where do we go on this? Who manufactured the battery? Can you give me more info on where it came from? Nobody was hurt and the customer has been most helpful but they are now out a computer, a piece of carpet, and a bed sheet and mattress. I am trying to provide answers for them. What next? See photos.

First Reply

thanks for your message ,
We regret that this event will be, we will enable insurance, insurance companies will investigate the accident, such as our quality problems we will correspond to compensation, such as man-made lead we will not be compensated. Please leave your detailed contact details of the phone, contact, the address of the accident and the event of the relevant detailed picture, we will be transferred to the insurance company after the investigation and handling of things, please keep the phone, the message flow in order to solve as soon as possible problem.
looking forwards to your reply ,

Over the following two weeks this is the list of delay tactics and excuses I received from them all on different days.

hi, Dear Customer.
Pls don't worry, we are honest seller,
we are handing with this issue, Thank you for your time,
Best Regards


Yes, Dear Customer,
I understand. We regret that the incident occurred. Really very sorry for this, and we will try our best to solve the problem. kind Regards


We are trying to solve the issue.


Hi, Dear Customer,
please don't worry, we are trying to solve the problem.
Our worker are checking the details of the defective battery, as you know, your order is 2017-02-17,since so many days past, we must check many details with our supplier.
Really sorry for delay. could you please give us some more time to solve this issue, is it OK?
Thank you for your kindness.....................
Best Regards


i have passed all your emails and pictures to our manager, we are trying to solve this problem.
Kind Regards


hi, Dear Customer,
i have express all your emails to my manager to deal with this issue.
Best Regards

This crap is shipping out of this address:
18551 Arenth Ave in City Of Industry CA 91748
In Hong Kong they appear to operate under the name Hongrong Yu.

User ID: unitop2014


City: Marble Road

State: HK

Country: CN

Phone: 13005432274

I would welcome any and all information anyone has regarding this address, this company, or other events regarding their products.  They cannot sell this crap and hide behind the eBay veil of secrecy.  Someone is going to get killed and all they give a rip about is money.  They have no honor and should be barred from the market.  Thus far they have proven to be nothing but liars and cheats.  I am still waiting for them to make good on a very dangerous product.  Silence.  Buyer beware!

Kevin B Falkner  CEO


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